changing name to lubyk

The name of the whole project has been changed from “Rubyk” to “Lubyk” for the following reasons:

  • The first version of the project used Ruby as scripting language but for real-time performance reasons, this is no longer the case. Keeping a name with “Ruby” in it that has nothing to do with the now well known Ruby programming is confusing.
  • Everyone things of the Rubik’s cube when they hear “Rubyk” and although the little object is great, it makes people spell the project wrong.

The new name is Lubyk because:

  • It sounds like fad in french.
  • The name reminds us of the Lua programming language (now at the core of the running engine).
  • We keep most of the letters that I liked in Rubyk (y and k especially).
  • The DNS names were free (,

What does the name stand for ? Here are some retronyms:

  • Lunatic bumby yack
  • Lua based yield killer
  • Lua’s unusual binary you kiss (or ‘kiffe’...) (Philippe Lhoste)
Gaspard Bucher


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